Dog care services

Dog walking - For when you have long days at work or have other commitments. I can do singular or group walks and can adapt the walk to meet your dogs needs. 30 mins- £5, 1 hour- £9 (£3 per additional dog) I also offer 'an as and when service for those customers who work shifts.  

Dog minding - This service is ideal for quieter, older dogs or puppies or those with illnesses. For this service, I will come to your home while your out, to play with your dog and keep them company. I can also feed them and take them on a short walk. 30 mins- £5, 1 hour- £9 (£3 per additional dog)

Dog sitting -When your going on holiday or working away, its nice to know your dog is in good care. I offer a dog sitting service in your own home, meaning your dog can stay where they feel safe. I can visit your dog several times a day and each call can include feeding them, walking them and play-time.

I advise having three calls a day (early morning, afternoon and bedtime). Although I can do as many calls as you require to fit in with your dogs normal routine. I can also do very early morning calls and late night.

Less stressful for your dog than kennels
Has the added benefit of knowing that your home is secure and being checked daily
Ideal for weekend breaks or long holidays
Also ideal for Older dogs and Puppies



Prices vary depending on length of holiday- Range from £10 a day to £20.

Other services

Small Holding Care - I can help out when you go away caring for your small holdings, such as pigs, ducks, chickens, ponys etc. £TBC

Feed your fish - For if you go on holiday or work away and can’t feed them. £TBC

Cat Sitting - If you are going on holiday or work long hours, I can come and care for your cats. I can let them out, feed them and clean out their litter tray. This service means your cats normal routine is not disrupted and also has the added benefit of knowing your home is secure. £5.00 half hour visits.

Small Animal Care - I can also care for smaller animals whilst your on holiday too, including rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, chickens. ducks, hamsters etc. I can do as many calls a day or week as you require to suit your pets needs. Calls can include, handling, fussing, cleaning out, letting in and out of runs and general maintenance. £5.00 half hour visits.

* May charge extra for areas more than 7-10 miles away from Penistone.

* Complimentary photos and text updates can be arranged.

* All prices are negotiable.

With all my services, I can water plants, put the bins out, draw curtains etc.